Never give up!

Hello my name is Liahona Norteza. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in English Language. I took up this course because I really love English a lot. I studied this subject for four years and discovered so much things why English is fun including the phonology, morphology and semantics. It has always been my dream to be an English language specialist. To be in this company is my stepping stone to reach my dreams. I always believe that in reaching your goals, you have to work hard to attain this. Let me share to you the 5 G's that I also learned from a great person I know from our country. First is GOAL, reach out your goal no matter how hard it seems to be done. Nothing is impossible. Second is GRIT, in simpler term, Grit means perseverance. In everything you do, always have the perseverance to do the things even how little it is because in small things, it will have a big impact in the future. Take every opportunity that comes into your life. Third is GREAT, you have to always consider life as very great even if there are negative things that come your way. Life is still great. Don't get affected by the external factors it will just pass by. Just shake it off! Fourth is GRATEFUL, in every thing you receive whether it is big or small, always be grateful. Thank the people around you because they can be the instrument of your success. Thank your family, friends and even strangers because for some reasons, they can be your inspiration in achieving your first "G", your GOAL. Lastly, GOD. Do not ever forget our God up above who will make things possible. Look to God and live with your great life. Pray, keep the faith and be positive.

Cebu Normal University
Watching Youtube, reading books, collecting hello kitty stuffs
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