Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I'm possible.

Hello! My name is Mere Adeline C. Mujeres. You may call me Teacher Lianne. I graduated Bachelor of Science Major in Biology. I love reading books. And I enjoyed drawing in my free time. I believe in the saying, "Language is “the infinite use of finite means.” ". It means a person may not have the perfect English skills but as long he or she has the confidence to speak. Then he or she connects the bridge to other people through communication. Communication is the key to draw out one's ideas, culture, and perspective. I have witnessed this during my internship as a teacher trainee. I was able to share my knowledge with the students. And in return they shared theirs. Also, the experience broadens my understanding of one's uniqueness, for their culture and mindset was seen when he or she speaks. You're welcome to book in my class. I am a light-hearted person. I respect my students' point of views and ideas. And I hope you and I will engage to interesting interaction.

Velez College
Reading and drawing.
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