"Stars cannot shine without darkness."

Hello! My name is Lyka N. Alvia, they call me teacher Ly. I took up Bachelor of Secondary Education major in MAPEH. Being a teacher is one of my dreams, I can still reminisce how happy I was when I stand in front of my students, wore my practice teaching uniform. Being a teacher is great because you can inspire, motivate and make people successful by your own technique and strategy. I am fond of reading and watching action movies. Dancing is my passion. I started dancing way back elementary years. I remember my first genre in dancing which was Ball Room until I reached the secondary level. I was the president of the Dance troupe Club in our school. I also love to travel to the countryside where I can see trees and feel the fresh air. English is very important nowadays because whenever you go, you can use it to interact

University of the Visayas
Dancing and Listening music.
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