"Setting a goal is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible."

Hi! My name is Maria Rose M. Pullan, you can call me teacher Marose. I take up Bachelor in Elementary Education major in General Content. I used to be a grade school tutor when I was in high school. I helped my students with their academic subjects, especially on reading, science, and math. After my services as a tutor, I applied as an ESL teacher. My students were mostly kids and adults. I love listening to music. I love reading books. I love to eat chocolates and other sweet treats. I like dogs and cats, I also have one. I like to go hiking and trekking. On my free time, I spend more on studying foreign languages, reading books, watching videos on YouTube and writing some poems and short stories. Enroll in my class and lets rock English language.

Mandaue City College
Listen to music, watch movies, read books like manga, fantasies, horror and love stories, poem., drawing, play sports like badminton and basketball and play video games.
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