"Love oneself before anything else."

"Hi! My name is Michelle D. Bihag. They call me Teacher Michie here in Glats. I took up Bachelor of Science major in Tourism. Ever since I was a little child, I was always fascinated by traveling and learning languages especially the English language. I grew up loving English, in speaking, reading books and writing stories. I also love watching movies mainly science fictions. In my free time, I read books, sketch or draw, and write poems and fictional stories. I also travel if I got the chance to.

I'm teaching English to ESL students because I want to help my students learn what I love, which is the English Language. I want to share them that learning English is enjoyable and that you can completely fall in love with it. Learning a new language isn't easy, but as what my favorite author C.S. Lewis said: "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." Learning the English Language takes time, but it's never impossible.

You should book in my class because I'm approachable and easygoing. I like to make my class interesting and interactive. I listen to my students point of views and opinions and respect them altogether. I also had an experience in interacting with people of different cultures in my previous job which makes me appreciate them more."

University of San Jose - Recoletos
Reading books, writing stories and sketching.
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