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Hi, my name is Mark Maban, but you can call me Teacher Mike. I took up Bachelor in Tourism Management at Cebu Normal University. During my free time, I play with my nephew or listen to soft music to relieve stress. I started to like English when I was in college because I know that it would be a great opportunity for me to discover the world. I like to teach English because it is very important to know especially when interacting foreign people, dealing with their cultures, traditions and more.

During my on-the-job training, I was given a chance to know more about Japanese people and I really like them for who they are. I was inspired by their traits and behavior that is why I really love teaching because it is a fulfilling job especially when I see my students learn a lot and satisfied by what I've imparted to them without any hesitations.

So, you should book in my class because I am friendly and approachable. We will make it more fun this time. I always listen and respect every student's opinion.

Cebu Normal University
Listening to music
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