"Why try so hard to fit in if you are born to stand out."

Hello! I'm Teacher MR. My real name is Mary Rose C. Deluvio. I took up Bachelor in Secondary Education major in Biological Sciences. I've taught kids and adults such as Korean, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese in different courses. Teaching foreign people makes me motivated in a way that I'll be able to impart my knowledge in English to them. Aside from that, I'll be able to learn their cultures. I do hiking on my free day, sometimes going to beaches or waterfalls. I love adventure and exploring new things and places. If I have to stay at home, I usually watch movies like horror, suspense, romcom, and anime. I also like to paint and draw. I used to hate English when I was young but when I met three foreign girls who stayed at our home, we talked a lot and I find it interesting because of that, I started to love and want to help others to be inspired and love English as much as I do. Having a conversation with other people with different culture is interesting. I learned new things from them. That is the reason why I want to teach English to non-native speakers.

Cebu Normal University
Hiking, watching movies, painting and drawing
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