Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. John Dewey.

"Hello! My name is Nelma Rodriguez, you may call me Teacher Nelma. I took up Bachelor of Elementary Education major in General Education. Since I was a kid, I wanted to be a teacher. I can still remember that I wrote anything on the wall and act as if I am teaching someone. Now, I'm living my dreams. I wanted to pursue and learn more about teaching for learning is a never-ending process that I will grow and be efficient in this profession. I love singing and dancing as well. I read books as past time. And I do love listening to music especially when I got bored or even alone at home. And my dream goal is to travel around the world. To experience and explore new places and cultures at the same time. I wanted to make use of the time by spending it with my family.

Furthermore, you should book my class because I am friendly and I cannot just be your teacher but I can be a friend as well. We may have different characteristics and traits but we can work and learn together, we will make learning fun and enjoyable."

Lyceum of Cebu
Listening to music, surfing the internet, and reading books.
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