Anyone who keeps on reading is young. Anyone who stops reading is old.

Hello! I am Nena Ramirez. Here in GLATS, they call me teacher Nena. I have a degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education major in General Education I experienced teaching kids and teens during my on-the-job training. Teaching is my passion. I always feel happy every time I teach.

I started loving to teach when I was in grade school. I was inspired by our English teacher. I always did an excellent job way back in grade school and high school. I was one of the best English student in our class. Since then, English subject became my favorite subject. It makes me awake and enthusiastic.

My hobbies are watching English movies and reading English books and novels. I like to read stories like fiction, non-fiction, fables and a lot more. I like to teach kids because they are fun to be with.

You should book in my class because I am amiable. I make my class lively and interactive. I can assure you that you will have an amazing and fun experience in my class while learning a lot.

Cebu Eastern College
Reading English books and watching English movies
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