Life is what you make it.

Hello! My name is Jeanica Mae L. Mancao, you may call me Nica. I took up Bachelor of Elementary Education major in General Education. I have a lot of teaching experience already specially with kids. I had my in and out campus on the job training which widened my knowledge about teaching. I also experienced teaching diverse culture during my previous job as an assistant teacher where most of the students are Japanese. I also had an experience teaching these kids with English language because it was also part of our curriculum. Back when I was still in college, I used to talk a lot in public using the English language because for all we know, English is a Multi Lingua Franca or English is a widely spoken language across the world. In such manner, wherever we go, English is always used to erase the barrier between countries and to unite one culture towards the other.

You should book in my class because I am very friendly and a fair kind of teacher. I always integrate fun in my class so that the class will not be boring. I also have a high respect in my student's opinion, too. I always make sure that my student will definitely learn something at the end of our class discussion.

Cebu Eastern College
Singing, playing the guitar and ukulele, writing poetry and composing songs
子供が得意 初心者が得意