I'm not the best but I'm trying to be the best.

Hello, I'm Janice Garcia but you can call me teacher Nice.I took up Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Gen. Science. I was a private school teacher for 3 years and I've been in the field of ESL for six years now. In my previous jobs, I learned a lot specially on how to handle different students. I underwent several trainings that made me sufficient as a teacher. I like reading novels, listening to music, playing the guitar, and hang out with friends. I love teaching because this is my ultimate passion. Teaching is a noble profession.

English is important because It's widely spoken in the world. When people with different languages come together, we use English to understand each other.

I’m here to help you develop your skills in speaking the English language. I'll make our class as lively as possible and we can even be friends. I'm very enthusiastic, friendly, flexible and fun to be with. I always make sure that every class is unforgettable and enjoyable to my students. What are you waiting for? Come on and let's study English together.

University of the Visayas
Listening to music and playing the guitar
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