"Never give up even the going gets tough."

Hello! My name is Arniel Pañares. You can call me teacher Niel. I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I have been teaching English for almost a year now and it has been a wonderful year for me since I started my career. In my past ESL experience, I teach English to kids and adults of different nationalities. I am very out-going when it comes to learning a new culture which is why pursue this career. I am a very cheerful person and loves to learn new things. I also love to play computer games especially games with good stories and I love mind games. I have been actively participating in Japanese events here in Cebu especially the Bon Odori which happens annually here in Cebu and it is the way to learn a new culture. Learning a new language is not easy without the best environment and that is why I am here to help you have that environment. I will help you in your endeavor in learning English through interactive communication and you are free to express your thoughts and feelings to easily enhance your English skills. Let's share each other's knowledge and learn from each other as we venture the English Language.

Cebu Normal University
Playing computer games, chess and other board games and listening to music.
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