And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

Hello! I am Jan Nina Marie Artezuela, you can call me teacher Nina. I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. I've been teaching English to young kids and adults and it has always been fun teaching them. During my free time, I practice dancing, a little bit of singing, watching movies, reading books, and writing a few poems. I was once a member of a Korean cover group here in Cebu. We covered Girl's Generation songs and dances. We participated in some big events in Cebu and Manila and gained recognition from the people. Aside from that, I am also fond of watching movies and TV series. I like action, adventure, horror, true-to-life story, comedy, crime, and investigation kind of movies. I also love reading young-adult novels and also a little bit of classical novels. I started appreciating English way back when I was in high school because it was so fun to learn the language. I even love the English language more when I entered college because my professors talked so good and it was so pleasant to hear. So, I decided to become like my teachers. I also want to teach English to inspire and motivate my students. Make them appreciate and love the language.

Learning the English language will never be easy but we will have fun and enjoy learning English together, because together we can make things as easy as possible. It will never be easy at first but, I highly appreciate my students expressing their thoughts as best as they can. I respect my students' opinions and ideas. I have dealt with young kids, teenagers, and adults which help me understand the differences between other's culture and tradition.

Cebu Normal University
Dancing, Singing, Reading books, Watching movies, and Writing poems
子供が得意 大人が得意 初心者が得意