Words and actions always defines one person. so speak with your heart and always smile.

Hello everyone! My name is Novie but you can call me Teacher Nov. I was born and raised in a simple family. My father is a retired policeman and my late good mother was a businesswoman. I have four sisters and three brothers. One of the things that I am thankful about having a big family is that, if there is anyone in the family has a problem, everyone is willing to help. I used to work in a fast food chain and I had an online job.I am a happy and a bubbly person. That’s what my friends describe me. I prefer to stay at home most of my free time. My favorite pet is dog and my favorite colors are blue, black, white and red.

Teaching English to non-native speakers give me the opportunity to meet different people from different countries. Also, sharing my knowledge to someone is very interesting for me. I believe that learning english is fun. So, let`s have fun in learning English together! I hope to see you on my class!

Universidad de Zamboanga
singing,cooking my dish,spending time with my family and friends and watching movies
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