"Those who believe and conceive will achieve."

Hello! My name is Novaisa B. Oroc, they call me teacher Novaisa. I've been teaching street children how to read, write and etc. for almost 8 years. For the past years, I've enjoyed teaching. I like watching movies and reading books. My favorite type of movie is science fiction. I like it because it portrays that human has supernatural powers. That they have the ability to change something and that is one of my goals in life. I want to become a model of change. During my free time, I usually read books and browse the internet. I started embracing English since I was in elementary. I was a top student during my elementary as well as high school years. I'm teaching English because I want my student to be competitive in this very competitive world. Everything is upgrading and we as humans need to adjust. One way to cope up with the change is to improve our speaking skills so that we may be able to understand and be understood by everybody else. English is very important because it is known as the Universal Language. It is the most useful language not just in one continent but in every part of the world. Whether you live in Japan or in Africa, it is regularly used. You should book in my class because I am friendly and approachable. I make my class interactive and fun. You will not find dull moments. I am very willing to accept my student's ideas and suggestions. I have also experienced teaching children and adults, therefore, I can say that I have enough patience and ability to become a good teacher.

University of Cebu- Main Campus
Reading, watching movies and listening to music.
子供が得意 初心者が得意