The moment you think you can't is when you must believe you can.

I'm Ren-ren. I am the youngest and the only girl in the family. I love watching movies and I also watch anime. I played tennis and badminton. When I was in elementary, I joined a competition and got my first medal. I also love singing in a karaoke with friends and family. I love dancing but I'm not that good. I also love talking to kids and I really enjoy playing with them. I went to college and took up Bachelor of Secondary Education. I had discovered that I can do acting, During my internship, I was assigned to one of the biggest high schools in our place. I taught 4 sections of junior high school students. It was a challenge for me because they have different abilities, different needs, and different personalities, but I managed to teach them and gave my best. Teaching is hard, but it's fun.

Cataingan Municipal College
Listening to music, watching movies, playing tennis and badminton
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