"Aim High and Hit the Mark."

Hello! My name is Rhona Jean dela Pena. Here in GLATS, they call me teacher Rhona. I took up Bachelor in Elementary Education major in General Content Education. I had an offline ESL experience in three different schools here in Cebu. From that I experiences I had, I've grown and learned as an innovative teacher. I am fond of watching romantic movies. I also love travelling and exploring the beauty of nature specifically mountain climbing. I really love nature and it’s really the best thing I do if I have a long vacation, to climb mountains. I started to love the English language when I am a university student. Our professor keeps on reminding us how important English language is. I can still remember when he said, "English is a stretch language; one size fits all." It means that, whatever you are, whoever you are, and wherever you might come from, you can use the English language. It fits to everyone. You can use the language in interacting with the foreign people and so in dealing with business matters. You should book in my class. I am friendly and fun to talk to. I consider my student as one of my best friends. I want them to feel comfortable in my class and at the same time enjoying learning the English language. I had experience dealing with different cultures in my previous jobs which is offline ESL teaching that really broaden my thinking about being a passionate teacher.

Cebu Technological University- Main Campus
Listening to music, playing badminton, fun of nature adventures, watching movies, surfing the net
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