You cannot create experience, you undergo it.

Hello. My name is Jerrica Ruedas but you can call me Rica. I took up Bachelor of Science in Biology and I am planning to take up my Masteral soon. I want to become a teacher because I want to share my knowledge to my students. I love watching movies especially action movies and I do love singing and dancing as well. Also, I love reading books like fictional and romantic. During my school days, I love English the most because it can be applied in our everyday activities. English is an important language as well as a subject because it helps us to be connected with other nationalities.

You should book and come to my class because I am friendly and I know that we can get along well. My students are my priorities so, I always do my best to help them excel and have all the learnings and knowledge they need. I'll be the teacher that you can count on always.

Listening to music and singing, dancing, reading books
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