Never give up!

Hi, my name Maria Cristina A. Oguis and Tina is my Glats nickname. My major was Biological Sciences because it was challenging at the same time exciting. I experienced teaching ESL in an offline setting and I can say it was the starting point of my career.

I'm fond of listening to various music except for rock genre. I also like watching comedy and romance movies. Watching horror movie is a no-no for me because I'm afraid of ghost and that's a sad truth. I usually read some novels during my free time and I prefer reading comedy and romance categories as usual.

I like teaching English to foreign students because I believe it is a way of sharing my knowledge to them and as a chance to know each other’s culture. I have chosen this career because of my passion and dedication in the teaching field. Learning English is as essential as learning our own mother tongue. It helps us understand each other despite the diversity that we all have. It is vital to our economy, especially when it comes to the field of business.

Students should enroll in my class because I am an experienced ESL teacher and has experienced teaching kids in a friendly way. I am also flexible in handling teenagers and adults. I am patient and friendly. I always do my best in attaining my students’ goals especially in learning English. I am a teacher who has concern to my students and consistently do my class in a lively way.

Visayas State University
Listening to music, reading wattpad stories and watching movies.
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