“Teaching is more than imparting knowledge, it is inspiring change.” — William Arthur Ward

Hi! I am Melody A. Tobias. Here in Glats, they call me teacher Tobi. I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. I passed the Licensure Exam for Professional Teachers last September 2017. I attended various training, workshops, and seminars that helped me to be an effective and efficient teacher. I also had an experience as an ESL teacher at CIJ Academy. I am a goal-oriented and determined person. Teaching has always been my passion, and with that, I want to share what I've learned especially in English. Others say, "English is a crazy language". But, let me tell you that the more you learn English, the more your life gets easier. The more you study English, the more you will learn to love it. So, what are you waiting for? Book now in my class and let's study English together and I will make sure that you will learn it in an easier way. Everything you want to learn will be given to you. Let's make English easy! Thank you and see you in my class!

Bohol Island State University- Candijay Campus
Singing, listening to music and playing instruments
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