"Opportunities don't happen, you created them."

Hi, my name is Teacher Carmel Faith G. Cajuelan. You can call me Teacher Twice. I am a degree holder of Bachelor in Elementary Education. I love English so much. I like reading fictional books and listening to music. I can speak English fluently. Speaking English is my forte. I have many experiences in teaching English, thus, I know what's the best for my students, it may be a beginner or advanced. I can teach English more fun and creative. I want my students to learn English with a heart and enjoy as well. Moreover, I attended seminars before that molded me to become a good speaker and an effective communicator. I also participated in Leadership Training. During my University years, I was also a member of a Debate Team and won as "The Best Debater". Aside from that, I love watching and listening to debates and spoken poetry. I found them very interesting. My favorite quotation is, "Opportunities don't happen you created them." Enroll now in my class and I will help you to learn English.

De La Salle Andres Soriano Memorial College
Reading fictional books and watching or listening to debates.
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