“Don’t be a wind that makes a tree bend but be an Air that gives breathe to all.”

Hi! I am Riva R. Rosales, or you can call me Teacher Vang. I Graduated at Cebu Technological University- Carmen Campus with the degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Content Education. I have a good communication skill. I love teaching diverse learners. I am friendly, respectful, open minded, patient, smiling and a good teacher. There are lot of things we can talk about since I am a good listener as well as a good speaker. You can learn so many things on me because I am a passionate teacher. Teaching for me is the best weapon we must educate everyone because knowledge is the precious gem that no one can stole it. Enroll now and let’s have an interesting lesson!

Cebu Technological University – Carmen Campus
Watching Movies, listening music and Reading Books
子供が得意 大人が得意 初心者が得意