If others can do, why can't I.

Hello! My name is Rhea Mae D.Deiparine. Here in GLATS,they call me Teacher Yang. I took up Bachelor of Elementary Education. I'm the eldest daughter in the family. I have sisters and brothers. At night a help my sisters and brothers with their homework. During my practice teaching, I've learned how to cater students needs especially the young ones.I encountered mute and ADHD pupils. It molded me on how to become an effective and efficient teacher. I enjoyed every single day with them and they remind me how beautiful the world is. Sometimes, I spent time with them like buying foods,singing, dancing and reading. I'm teaching English to ESL students because I want to share my knowledge and I want to inspire them more to learn the language. Studying English is fun and interesting. English is the universal language. If you learn English you can interact with other people. You can travel to other places and can deal with foreign people.

I am friendly and effective teacher. Book in my class and I make it interesting and fun at the same time.

Sibonga Community College
Listening to music, dancing, cooking and reading books
子供が得意 初心者が得意