"There are no secrets to success."

Hello! My name is Joy T. Ygay but you can call me Teacher Yoj. I took up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Management Accounting. I've been working in my craft for 6 years now. But in between those years, I worked as an ESL teacher for less than a year. My students were mostly kids. This time, I feel more challenged to teach teens and adults as well in that way, my level of teaching will increase. During my free time, I usually cook dishes, listen to music, watch movies especially horror ones and play with my siblings. I like traveling to other places too. I often have a quick escape and go to places that I've never been. Traveling for me is a way of finding myself. Like in teaching, it really took me a while to realize what I really want to do aside from practicing my own craft, being in an accounting field. As of the moment, I can say that I can do it simultaneously. Engaging myself into the ESL industry is a fulfilling thing for me considering that I don't have any education background but still I can teach my students well. It's really my pleasure to impart my knowledge somehow to my students. With me as your teacher, you can't feel how hard learning English is.

Southwestern University
Cooking dishes and listening to music.
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