"Be patient, Sometimes you have to go through the worst to get to the best"

'' Once a student, Always a student". Hello, My name is Eulene C. Dano, they call me Yul. I was a Project-based ESL teacher for one year and being in the world of teaching was quite challenging and interesting for me because I have to deal with students who came from different cultures. But before that, way back when I was a child. I really dreamed of becoming a teacher. I was an active and responsible student ever since. I love to stay at school. I really admired my English teacher at that time because I wanted to be like her. I want to inspire and touch the lives of people. So, when the time my parents sent me to college. I grab it with all my heart and took up Bachelor of Elementary Education major in General Content because I love kids. I thought it was easy but then, I had encountered a lot of trials. There was a point that my parents decided to let me stop my studies due to financial problem but I didn't agree because this is my dream and I really wanted to become a teacher. So, what my parents did at that time, they borrowed money just to pay my school fees and I promised them that I would study hard. Then after four years of studying, I graduated. Be inspired, be motivated and be productive citizen in the future. Book in my class now and together we can make things happen.

Cebu Technological University
Listening music, watching movie and reading books
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