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Hello! My name is Jeselle L. Rosalina. You can call me Teacher Zel. I took up Bachelor of Elementary Education major in General Education. I taught elementary and college students during my OJT. I enjoyed every single day with them. I am a fond of traveling and reading fiction books. During holidays or long weekend, me and my friends will go out of town and I usually read English novels or watch movies. I started reading novels and watch movies when I was in high school. My English teacher used to have a role play based on the fiction story we made. I am teaching English to ESL students because I want my students to be fluent in speaking the English language. I want them to know that learning a language can be fun and interactive. English is important because it is a global language and you can use it in interacting with foreign people, learning one's culture, dealing foreign business associates and more.

Book in my class because I am friendly and funny. I value my students and respect their point of views and ideas. Let's have fun together in studying the English language. See you online!

Cebu Eastern College
Listening to music, reading novels, watching movies
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