Hi there! Good day! I'm Teacher Accordion. I graduated from senior high school at Benedicto College, and while I may not be perfect, rest assured that I will do my best to teach you with confidence. I am very determined to teach every class well and deliver it effectively to the students. In classes, you will find me jolly, positive, and formal. My hobbies include listening to music, and I also enjoy watching random videos, especially informative ones. I'm interested in teaching because I want to learn more about other cultures, points of view, and capabilities in every lesson. But most of all, I want to interact with students, as I love teaching them and giving them satisfaction. I hope you find my message as interesting as you are, and now I am inviting you to have classes with me. Once again, this is Teacher Accordion. Thank you.

Benedicto College
Listening to pop punk music, and watching random videos on Facebook and Youtube.
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